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Lifestyle App Shine

Health-Advisor, is a new health advice comparison website who we are working with. They classify health apps using artificial intelligence (AI), and employ qualified curators to provide reviews across a wide set of apps, health products and health services.

Each month we will look at a different Lifestyle App from Health-Advisor website this month we start with the Lifestyle App Shine.  **Featured 2019 Google Play Award Standout Well-Being App & 2019 Webby Award Winner for Best Lifestyle App**

These days live moves so fast that we can’t seem to find time for ourselves. It’s time to consider the Lifestyle App Shine. This app will provide the nudges and motivation to make real and lasting changes in your daily habits via a series of meditations, daily texts and reminders.  You can setup a meditation playlist (I found this very handy), do a gratitude list, have a daily check-in plus other stuff.  They also have 1000’s of meditations for different topics including Finding Joy, Creating Healthy Habits, Improving Sleep and many more. You get personalised tools and content based on your needs so it’s very personalised.  Download your free trial from the URL’s below either Android or Apple and start creating a daily care ritual to help you meditate, connect and reflect.

Learn more about Shine for Android
Learn more about Shine for iOS