Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training is simply a private session with you and your personal trainer.

If you are new to fitness or you have specific training needs and goals one-on-one personal training is a great option for you.

Private Personal Training

It is easy to be self-conscious when starting something new, with one-on-one personal training you can train in privacy. Your mobile personal trainer will teach you the proper form, correct technique and will make each session fun and enjoyable.


Each session will be tailored to your specific goals, whether it is weight loss*, to get fit*, recovering from an injury or training for that special event*.

With one-on-one personal training you will you get the full attention of your trainer on establishing or modifying your fitness program, keeping you motivated and providing nutritional guidance.


For people with busy work schedules, stay-at-home mums or those who need to train before or after work, having a one-on-one personal trainer come to your home, saves time and money of having to go to the gym. Not to mention the extra benefits no gym membership fees.


What To Expect

Your Fitness Inside Out personal trainer will create a comprehensive exercise program that will include:-


The foundation of all health and fitness. Your personal trainer will view your diet and provide nutrition guidance.


You will do weights and bodyweight exercises to increase lean muscle mass and your metabolism*


Get the heart pumping through cardio exercise and optimize fat burning*


Improve your flexibility to help prevent injury