Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training is simply you and your personal trainer. If you are new to fitness or you have specific training needs and goals this is a great option for you. You get to choose the time and locations that suits you and your program is personalized to achieve maximum results.

Your personal trainer will create a comprehensive program that will include;


  • Nutrition: the foundation of all health and fitness
  • Resistance training: increase lean muscle mass and metabolism
  • Cardiovascular exercise: optimize fat burning*
  • Flexibility: to prevent injury, promote recovery
  • Coaching: knowledge, support, motivation and accountability


Membership Types


Our Casual packs are a great way to trial our services before making a ongoing commitment. If you choose a Casual package you will make the payment in full up front.

Casual  Packs
6  Sessions
10  Sessions

60 min sessions






45 min sessions




Note: Credit card fees apply 1.85%.


We offer 3 and 6 month Membership Plans. If you choose this option we’ll set up a fortnightly direct debit from your bank account or credit card for the fortnightly amount.

To purchase a 3 and 6 Month Membership Plan please download  and complete the payment form below. Please return either to your personal trainer or email to

 Payment Form (Dec 17) V.2 

Membership Plans
3 Month Term
(per session rate)
6 Month Term
(per session rate)

60 min sessions

$85 $80
45 min sessions $80



Rates are per session. For example, if you signed up on a (60 min) 3 month membership plan training twice a week you would be paying $170 per week.


  • Contract Membership Plans are paid fortnightly in advance via direct debit, based on the session rates above
  • 3 Month Membership min 6 x payments and 6 Month Membership 12 x payments
  • Each direct debit payment attracts $2.20 admin fee and if paying via credit card an additional 1.85% Visa/ Mastercard or 2.316% AMEX.
  • For full Terms and Conditions