Personal Training

Two-on-One Personal training is where you train with a friend, partner or a buddy. Many people find this to be a cost effective way of hiring a mobile personal trainer as you share the costs of training with another person.

With two-on-one personal training you will receive personalized attention and the sessions and workout programs are tailored to each individual. This option is perfect for those on a limited budget or couples who want to train together.

We Come To You

A Fitness Inside Out personal trainers will come to you and train your at home or local park.

No Equipment Required

We bring the gym to you. Your personal trainer will bring any equipment you may need.

3 & 6 Month Programs

We offer 3 and 6 month programs, working towards your fitness goals.


Ph:  1300 735 790

What To Expect

Your personal trainer will create a comprehensive exercise program that will include:-


The foundation of all health and fitness. Your personal trainer will view your diet and provide nutrition guidance.


You will do weights and bodyweight exercises to increase lean muscle mass and your metabolism*


Get the heart pumping through cardio exercise and optimize fat burning*


Improve your flexibility to help prevent injury

Getting Started

Getting started is easy Book Online your first session

Initial Assessments $115

To get started with your personal trainer you will need to complete a health and fitness assessment. This includes medical screening and a specific workout routine to measure your fitness levels.


Start Up Packs – $280

Our Start Up Packs are a great way to trial our services before making an ongoing commitment and SAVE 20%. Introductory Offer Only.

Each pack includes;
– Initial Assessment
– 2 x 60 min sessions


Ph:  1300 735 790

Prepaid Packs & Plans

Choose from our Prepaid Packs or Membership Plans

Prepaid Packs (2 people)

Casual Prepaid Packs (45min)
– 6 Pack $600
– 10 Pack $1000

Casual Prepaid Packs (60min)
– 6 Pack $690
– 10 Pack $1150

3 & 6 Month Plans

With our Membership Plans you pay fortnightly via direct debit. No need to pay for all 12, 24 or 48 sessions up front, payments are made fortnightly from credit card or bank account.

3 Month Plan (45 min) – $95 per session
6 Month Plan (45 min) – $90 per session

If you wish to add an additional person to the session add $15.

3 Month Plan (60 min) – $110 per session
6 Month Plan (60 min) – $100 per session

If you wish to add an additional person to the session add $25.

Note: Prices exclude Admin fee $2.20 per payment and credit card fees VISA/Mastercard 1.85% and AMEX 2.316%