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What is Two-on-One Personal Training?

Simply 2-on-1 or “buddy” personal training is when you team up with a buddy or partner and share a personal training session.  Not only do you get to share in the cost of the session, but it is a great way to keep each other on track and motivated. Plus it can be lots of fun too!

Whether you want to train for a special event, to lose weight, get into shape, or simply feel that you’d benefit from the additional accountability, booking a two-on-one personal training session with a personal trainer is an excellent choice.

COVID-19 Personal Training

Your Fitness Inside Out personal trainer will be providing no contact 2-on-1 personal training. This means that they will be practicing social distancing of 1.5m, sanitizing equipment after each use and when required will wear a face mask.

Sessions will be conducted outdoors either at a local park or in your backyard. 2-on-1 Virtual personal training is also available for those who are in isolation/quarantine or outside of our trainers travel zones.

What To Expect

A session usually lasts about 45min to 60min. Your first session with your personal trainer will be devoted to assessing your fitness level, taking body measurements, talking about the exercise you already do, getting a health history, and setting some goals for each of you.

After your initial two-on-one personal training session, you’ll spend each session doing cardio, weight training, flexibility exercises, or other activities depending on your goals.

Your Fitness Inside Out personal trainer will show you how to do each exercise, help you figure out how much weight to use, and give you pointers about nutrition.

Can I train with my partner if we have different fitness levels?

Yes, your Fitness Inside Out personal trainer will be able to tailor the session to each of your fitness levels ensuring both of you get a great workout.

Can we book a trial session?

Yes, this is a great way to meet your trainer to make sure you are great fit, before you make an ongoing commitment.


Our Locations

Mobile Personal Trainers, that come to you.

We have both male and female personal trainers in most capital cities. If you live outside of the areas we service i.e.  regional areas, or overseas we can train you live online via Zoom or Facetime.

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