Emergency Services Fitness Training



Emergency Services Fitness Training

To be accepted into Emergency Services such as Police, Fire Brigade, Army or Navy you need to pass the relevant Fitness tests. Our personal trainers are experienced in designing personalised programs based on the relevant Emergency Services Fitness Tests.

Before making the application it is a good idea to understand what the fitness requirements are and how you match up against the requirements. When you train with us we will take you through the Fitness Test to see how you match up and identify the gaps.

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Police and Armed Forces Fitness Tests

In your Police or Armed Forces fitness training we will work on your strength, agility and speed.

Each session is tailored to the male or female test requirements. Your person trainer will develop a personalized program based on your current fitness levels and what you need to achieve to pass your Fitness Test.


What To Expect

To get started we recommend a Trial Session. In this session you will meet your trainer before making an ongoing commitment.

Your trainer will review your medical screening form, complete a fitness assessment, help you set realistic goals and complete a mini workout to give you a taste of what is to come.

Test carried out will include;

  1. Agility Test
  2. Jump Test
  3. Beep Test
  4. Push Up Test
  5. Squat Test
  6. Plank Test


At the end of the testing your trainer will be able to identify the gaps in your fitness and what needs to be done to pass your fitness test.


COVID-19 Personal Training

Your Fitness Inside Out personal trainer will be providing no contact personal training. This means that they will be practicing social distancing of 1.5m, sanitizing equipment after each use and when required will wear a face mask.

Sessions will be conducted outdoors either at a local park or in your backyard. Virtual personal training is also available for those who are in isolation/quarantine or outside of our trainers travel zones.

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