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Max Weale

Sydney Personal Trainer

Max W

"One day or day one, I have helped 10's of people transform their lives, are you next ?"

My name is Max Weale, I started training at the age of 16, initially I was quite skinny and did not feel confident about myself.

I began training and it was a great outlet for me. I started noticing results with my own training and I slowly became stronger.

Over time I started feeling more confident as my family and friends were noticing the hard work that I was putting in the gym.

Fast track years later I decided to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry. As I wanted to help people achieve the benefits that I was fortunate to get.

Now I have been a trainer since 2021 and I have been able to not only help a wide variety of clients get in great shape as well as coach them but to also make healthier decisions and become the best version of themselves.

I am very easy to get along with but equally will motivate you to see the results you want.

I am lucky and I get a sense of fulfilment when I notice my clients get results and I want to continue helping people to take action to become the best version of themselves.

Consistency is key, there are times when you don't feel like training and it is important to keep showing up regardless of how u feel, consistency has a compounding effect on your fitness goals and I believe that doing something is always better then doing nothing at all.

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Max's fitness tips

Favourite movie or TV series

Batman the dark knight rises

My favourite exercise

Barbell - is my favourite but I like all pieces of equipment as everything serves a unique purpose and every equipment can be used as a tool to enable my clients to achieve there health and fitness goals and become the best versions of themselves.

My number one health or fitness tip

Consistency, is the key to success with anything but more specifically when it comes to attaining your health and fitness goal. It takes time to achieve great results and motivation comes and goes however if you remain consistent over times when you are not motivated that is what is going to set someone apart who doesn't achieve any results and the one who gets in great shape. Also, develops resilience and allows you to keep showing up regardless of how you feel. This is transferable to anything in life and by training your mindset you have the ability to make dramatic changes to your overall success.

My Locations

Tamarama, Bondi, Bronte, Clovelly, Randwick, Coogee, Kensington, Maroubra, Waterloo, Darlinghurst, Kings Cross.

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