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Finn Morris

Sydney Personal Trainer

Finn M

I aim to create an environment for my clients where they are motivated and can strive for a healthier, more active, and sustainable life.

As a personal trainer, it is my role not only to take you through the motions but to educate you on how to make healthy decisions throughout your life.

Fitness is for everybody, regardless of your background or previous life choices, and it is important never to be weighed down or overwhelmed by limitations such as lack of fitness, lack of confidence, or experience.

Around 4 years ago I fell in love with boxing and an active lifestyle, and ever since I've been committed to living a sustainable life and helping others to achieve it too. Before discovering fitness, I ate poorly had terrible sleeping habits, and was extremely inactive so I understand what it feels like not to be the fittest and strongest, or to have no idea what I'm doing at the gym. With a few small changes, it's very possible to turn this around.

I specialise in boxing, strength, and functional fitness, and prioritise working within the boundaries of my client's needs and limitations.

So please, start your fitness journey and come have some fun!

Outdoor Specialist
Functional Training

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My Locations

Ashfield, Haberfield, Homebush, Burwood, Newtown, Marrickville, Petersham, Croydon, Leichardt, Canterbury

If you do not see your location above, please contact me to discuss.

Finns Top Tips

Favourite movie or TV series


My favourite exercise 

I love med ball throws. Explosive exercises like this are my favourite because they are fast-paced and have great potential for building strength and power.

My favourite piece of equipment

Kettlebells are in my opinion the most versatile piece of equipment because they can be used to benefit many different training goals. They can be used to develop strength, speed, and mobility, and to improve cardiovascular health.

My number one health or fitness tip

Don't rush! All exercises reap the most rewards when performed with proper form and focus. This is not to say things have to be slow, but it is important to build a solid form and foundation when progressing through your training.

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Ph: 1300-735-790

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