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Christian Pavlovski

Sydney Personal Trainer

Christian P

Hi my name is Christian Pavlovski and I am a mobile personal trainer with Fitness Inside Out in the Canterbury Bankstown area.

Having grown up playing a variety of sports, I've always had a deep love for the outdoors and staying active. From my childhood days playing soccer, to boxing in my teens and early twenties, and now with 5 years of gym experience under my belt, I've been lucky enough to guide and train my loved ones towards achieving their unique fitness goals. And the best part? We've seen some really promising results!

Seeing the positive impact I could have on my friends and family, I was inspired to take it a step further and become a personal trainer. So, in 2023, I proudly obtained my Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness.

Fitness is a personalized adventure; we all have unique goals and results. In this era of abundant information, it's easy to get lost in misinformation. I'm really excited about making training enjoyable, simple, and effective, no matter what your goals are. I love showing fitness beginners how easy it can be to get and stay in shape!

I have experience working with clients of diverse ages and backgrounds, mainly concentrating on fat reduction and muscle development.

Feel free to reach out to us today and arrange a friendly Trial Session with me!

My Specialities

General population
Resistance training (Strength, Muscular hypertrophy & endurance)
HIIT cardio
Fat loss
Boxing Basics

Strength Training
Outdoor Specialist
Weight Loss

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My Locations

Bankstown, Revesby, Padstow, Greenacre, Canterbury, Roselands, Wiley Park, Illawong Menai

If you do not see your location above, please contact me to discuss.

Christian Action

Christians Top Tips

Favorite movie or TV series


My favorite exercise and why

Bench Press. The classic : "how much do you bench bro?" There's no better feeling than increasing your bench press max.

My favourite piece of equipment

Dumbbells. There are unlimited exercises you can perform with only a pair of dumbbell weights. They're extremely versatile, and can be used in both compound and isolation exercises.

My number one health or fitness tip

Sleep, nutrition, and exercise. The three main pillars of fitness. Stay consistent in all three, and you'll feel, look, and perform better in all aspects of your life.


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