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Nick Tsagaris

Melbourne Personal Trainer


Hi, I'm Nick Tsagaris a mobile personal trainer with Fitness Inside Out in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

I began my career as a Personal Trainer in April 2023 after completing my Sport & Exercise Science Degree at Deakin University. I had several beneficial work placements, where I had the opportunity to gain practical experience working with professional athletes, coaches, and exercise scientists. This not only intensified my enthusiasm for Personal Training and the health and fitness sector but also expanded my knowledge in these fields.

As a teenager who struggled with weight problems and low self-esteem, participating in exercise and weight training significantly improved my life. They encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle and increased my self-confidence. This personal transformation motivated me to further my education in fitness and health, with the intent of using my knowledge to make a positive impact on others' lives.

I firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their experience, has the potential to improve their abilities, and I'm here to assist them on this path.

I have some great experience in personal training, in particular powerlifters, where I've paid a lot of attention to detail in helping correct techniques and using biomechanical analysis for compound lifts performed by athletes. I have also had the pleasure of training the general population, assisting them in reaching their personal goals through strength programs, and even prehab and recovery sessions.

I also work as a Strength & Conditioning Coach with various local football clubs, mostly around the Mornington Peninsula. I enjoy coaching a variety of athletic development sessions and strength sessions. I also love contributing to athlete testing days, where I can use data entry to keep track of each client's progress after every training block.

My specialties include; Sport Specific, Functional training, Hypertrophy Training, Strength Training, S&C, Kids/Student Training.

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Strength Training
Sport Specific

My Locations

Ringwood, Box Hill, Wantirna, Diamond Creek, Greensborough, Doncaster, Lilydale, Bundoora, Reservoir, Thomastown, Laverton, Altona, Point Cook, Werribee, Newport, Footscray

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Top Fitness Tips From Nic

Nick - Action
Nick Action 2

Favourite movie or TV series

Favourite Movie: Scarface
Favourite TV Series: The inbetweeners

My favourite exercise 

It is hard to choose a favourite as every exercise is important for functionality but if I had to choose my top three it would be: Conventional Deadlift, Bulgarian Split Squat and a Bench Press, anything that requires me to push myself and lift a lot of weight (safely of course) is something that I enjoy.

My favourite piece of equipment

Dumbbells are my favourite and what i believe are the most essential and important pieces of equipment in the gym. They provide us with both unilateral (one limb working at a time) and bilateral movement (Two limbs working at the same time). They are actually capable of correcting any muscular imbalances preventing any risks of injuries as well as preventing limitations/imbalances in performance down the track. Range of motion is usually increased in most movements with dumbbells as well, which is ideal for hypertrophy/strength training.

My number one health or fitness tip

For someone who is beginning their journey in the fitness industry, exercise should never be overcomplicated. It is important stick to some variation of all basic movements and work on building a great foundation before starting to focus on more complicated movements. Technique is crucial to more effective results, focus on good form before focusing on the weight as not only does this reduce risk of injury but also increases much more effective results and improvements overall.


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