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Benefits of Online Personal Training

You’re skeptical about this new “online personal training” idea. Well, if you are time poor and you want to train at home in your own environment, you should be considering this.

With the start of the pandemic many of our clients switched to online personal training for health reasons and never looked back. It works much the same way as a face to face session only your trainer is standing in front of you online via Zoom. Your trainer will demonstrate each exercise to you, watch you perform each rep, correct form, motivate you and keep you accountable at every session.

Typically sessions go for 30 min to 60 min, depending on your needs. Sessions can be run indoors or outdoors or even at the office. You can even workout with your trainer on holidays as long as you have internet access.

Wet weather no problem, some of our trainers are using online personal training as their wet weather options or when there is no daylight outdoors.

Other benefits include, if you or your trainer moves out of the area you do not need to change trainers as location is never a problem. Even if you have no equipment your trainer will create a fun body weight session.

Online personal training is so versatile and has many benefits, its time to have a second look.

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