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Balance and Fall Prevention

Balance and fall prevention is key when working with older adults. Falls are a significant health risks for older adults with approximately one in three aged 65 years or older falling and the risk increasing with age. “Through associated injuries falls increase the risk of ending up in residential care and if not they can suffer a loss of confidence which can limit their activities.”says Professor Catherine Sherrington University of Sydney. Read more.

When a toddler or a child fall they usually shake it off and keep moving. But when a older adult falls there are often consequences, broken bones and head injuries. Structured exercise with balance training helps prevents falls in older adults. Balance is the main exercise in the prevention programs however any exercise that improves endurance, muscle strength and flexibility can help falls and related injuries.

Some of the benefits to older adults undertaking a balance and fall prevention program are;

  • Faster reaction time. This can help you stay up right as you can grab something to stop your fall.
  • Improved Coordination. This may help you roll and directly prevent the fall.
  • More Muscle. This can buffer the impact.
  • Stronger Bones. Resistance exercise strengthen bones and reduces the risk of fractures.
  • Better brain function. Regular exercise helps maintain brain function and may help to avoid situations that increase the risk of a fall.

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