Weight Loss Personal Trainers

Need a personal trainer to help you lose weight? At Fitness Inside Out we have weight loss personal trainers ready to come to you.



Tailored To Your Individual Needs

No matter your goals, your Fitness Inside Out personal trainer will tailor your program specific to your needs. Whether it is for a special event, build strength, flexibility, or just fit into your favourite jeans again.

Be Motivated

Be motivated and supported, in each session. Learn proper form and technique and avoid injury or aggravating old injuries. Enjoy a fun and varied workout each week with your personal trainer.

No Equipment Needed

Being fitness specialist your personal trainer is experienced in creating a workout using little or no equipment. However if you have your own weights, yoga mat etc your trainer can incorporate it into the session.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition is the foundation of health and wellbeing. Talk to your trainer about what nuturtional guidance you may need.

Since 2001 Fitness Inside Out has been providing mobile personal training and we have run over 55,000 personal training sessions and helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals.

Peace of Mind

Each of our mobile personal trainers are handpicked and are selected on their experience knowledge of outdoor, online and in home personal training. We ensure that each of our personal trainers are fully qualified, Diploma or Cert IV in Personal Training, Degree in Exercise Science.

Our personal trainers must be fully insured, hold current First Aid and CPR certificates and must provide a police check and children’s check if working with kids.


In this session you will meet your trainer before making an ongoing committment.

Your trainer will review your medical screening form complete a fitness assessment, set realistic goals and complete a workout to give you a taste of what is to come.


What Should I Expect?

  • What will be covered in a session?
What will be covered in a session?

Your comprehensive program includes each of the 5 components required for success;

  • Nutrition: the foundation of all health and fitness
  • Resistance training: increase lean muscle mass and metabolism
  • Cardiovascular exercise: optimize fat burning
  • Flexibility: to prevent injury, promote recovery
  • Coaching: knowledge, support, motivation and accountability
  • How do you track results?
How do you track results?

Your personal trainer may also ask you to keep a food diary and exercise log  via Myfitnesspal or Fitbit keeping you accountable.

Every 8 weeks or more frequently depending on your goals, your personal trainer will repeat your fitness test conducted in your Trial session and update your program identifying

  • What are your successes
  • What are your challenges
  • How to improve your program and results
  • How long does a program last?
How long does a program last?

Depending on your goals, budget, motivation and level of commitment most clients begin training 1 to 3 sessions per week for a period of 3 to 6 months. Your personal trainer will work with you until you reach your initial goals, then transition you to a maintenance program.

  • Are there any contracts?
Are there any contracts?

When your train with Fitness Inside Out, you can choose to Pay-As-You-Go or purchase a prepaid Session Pass in packs of 10 or 20.

  • What should I expect to pay?
What should I expect to pay?

Sessions are normally (60 min) in length with rates starting at $90 per session.

For more information on rates click here


Kincumber – NSW

Central Coast


Amanda was very supportive and our workouts were fun and achievable. After 3 month’s I had lost 10kg* and, my doctor was ecstatic with the reduction in my cholesterol*

Merrylands- NSW

Western Suburbs


After 3 months of training, Charlene lost 11.8kgs and says she feels more confident now*. “I would recommend they try Fitness Inside Out and refer them onto you.“

Waterloo – NSW

Sydney CBD


Leo smashed his goal of losing 15kg in 3 months, down from 125 kg to 109.5kg *


Ph:  1300 735 790