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Virtual Personal Training – It’s a Game Changer

Virtual personal training is changing the way we exercise. No longer do you need to have a gym membership, or find a trainer in your local area. Personal training can now come to you anywhere!

Each VPT session is live 1-on-1 with a real personal trainer. You will schedule a time, just as you would in-person, only difference is it is delivered to you over the internet using video conferencing tools like Zoom™, Facetime ™, Whatsapp™ or Skype™.

Workout anywhere, at home, outdoors or at work, we come to you!

How does Virtual Personal Training differ from a recorded workout?

Virtual personal training is not pre-recorded, each session is live 1-on-1. Your personal trainer will personalise each session to your goals, no cookie cutter workouts, not one fits all.

Your trainer will keep you accountable, coaching you through out the session and booking regular session times helping you to keep on track towards your goals.

Virtual Personal Training

Tailored To Your Individual Needs

No matter your goals, your Fitness Inside Out virtual personal trainer will tailor your program specific to your needs. Whether it is for weight loss, build strength, flexibility, join the Police force or just fit into your favorite jeans again.

Be Motivated

Be motivated and supported, in each session. Learn proper form, technique and avoid injury or aggravating old injuries. Enjoy a fun and varied workout each week with your virtual personal trainer.

No Equipment Needed

Being online specialist your personal trainer is experienced in creating a workout using little or no equipment. However if you have your own weights, yoga mat etc your trainer can incorporate it into the session.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition is the foundation of health and wellbeing. Talk to your trainer about what nutritional guidance you may need.

How It Works

Choose Your Virtual Trainer

View our virtual trainers profiles and book directly into their schedule. We have both male and female trainers, providing a range of different workouts from strength and conditioning, HITT, Cardio and even Yoga.

Book A Trial Session

Book a trial session today, meet your virtual trainer before you make a ongoing commitment. In this session your trainer will conduct a fitness assessment and take you through a workout to give you a taste of what is to come.

Book online a Trial Session today!

No Contracts & PAY-AS-YOU-GO

With Fitness Inside Out there are no contracts and you can Pay-As-You-Go.

When you purchase your trial session you will set up your credit card for the ongoing payments and you will be charged as you complete each session with your online personal trainer.

online personal trainer


Our 30 min express sessions are convenient, efficient and cost effective.

Fit in a workout in your busy schedule anytime, anywhere.

AUD $59


Our 45 min all over body workouts, gets your heart pumping.

No equipment required. Train at home or outdoors.

AUD $85

Meet Our Virtual Personal Trainers

Kerrie Hains

Kerrie has been working in the sports, health, fitness, and rehabilitation industry for over thirty years. She is an Exercise Physiologist and a Personal Trainer.

She has worked with the entire spectrum of the population from elite and professional athletes, to stroke patients and accident victims. Kerrie has lectured internationally to her industry peers on functional exercise for rehab, prehab, and strength gains.

Grahame Alvarez

I became a personal trainer in 2011 it allowed me to mould together my passion for sport and exercise. My focus when working with a client is to understand your goals, your fitness levels and to develop a tailored exercise program.

Sarah Dower

After seeing first hand the benefits of yoga, exercise/fitness, meditation and nutrition can have on the body, Iaim to empower others, and help them live a healthy lifestyle. I have over 5 years experience as a yoga teacher, and am also a qualified barre instructor, and meditation teacher and qualified as a personal trainer in 2020.

Adam Westerlaken

My focus is not superficial. I have a strong focus towards your health & well being and what exercise can bring to make you feel better about yourself. As a father I understand the day to day challenges we face and I want to share my knowledge of exercise and physical activity.

Mike Howley

As your personal trainer I will help you feel good, look great and perform at your best. In your sessions you can expect energising workouts combined with lifestyle and nutrition advice.

I love working 1 on 1 and helping people become the best they can be, this is my passion and it’s what gets me up in the morning.

Virginia Cowley

My goal is to help my clients live their strongest and healthiest lives. My methods of achieving this goal are through a combination of strength training, high intensity intervals and flexibility training to promote healthy movement patterns and improve posture.

Tony Katsikas

I love working with more “mature” adults. I truly believe that if I can do it, then anyone can.

It’s truly not that daunting when you partner with someone who has been there and lived what you are going through. Someone who understands you.

Denise Harvey

My passion for fitness and helping people was my motivation behind studying for a Bachelor of Human Movement over ten years ago. Learn how my style of mobile personal training can help you.

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