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James Ibrahim

Sydney Personal Trainer


Hi my name is James Ibrahim and I am a mobile personal trainer with Fitness Inside Out in the South Western Suburbs of Sydney.

I've always had a passion for training, ever since I was 20 years old. I'm 34 years old now, but most people are surprised when they find out my age, often guessing that I'm only 25! I attribute my youthful appearance to my dedication to training and a healthy diet.

I used to struggle with lower back issues, specifically sciatica pain, and weighed 80 kilos before I embarked on my journey to become a fitness professional. My motivation to become a personal trainer was to gain a deeper understanding of the human body movement and techniques and learn ways to improve joint mobility.

I aimed to reduce my weight to 70kg and enhance my fitness level. I'm pleased to say that upon completing the course, I've reached these goals. My back pain has significantly improved, and I've lost 9 kilos while also building up my muscle mass. This has made me stronger and fitter. I've seen a notable improvement in my mobility and flexibility, from a mere 5% to a significant increase.

As a mobile personal trainer with Fitness Inside Out, I'm really excited to share my experiences and knowledge with you! Together, we can reach your fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight, build lean muscle mass, improve mobility, or just feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Strength Training
Outdoor Specialist
Weight Loss

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My Locations

Edensor Park, Fairfield, Cabramatta, Canly Vale, Wetherill Park, Canly Heights, Liverpool, Macquarie Fields, Casula

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James Action

James Top Tips

Favorite movie or TV series


My favorite exercise and why

Pull ups

My favourite piece of equipment

Dumbbells  (I can do all exercises that I want with one Dumbell only). They're extremely versatile, and can be used in both compound and isolation exercises.

My number one health or fitness tip

Take a small step everyday, after a week becomes bigger, after a year becomes many big steps with adaptation these steps into your life ( this is one way to become passionate


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