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Using exercise to treat chronic health conditions

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Why An Exercise Physiologists?

Exercise physiologists use exercise to treat chronic health conditions. Similar to how a doctor prescribes medicine, exercise physiologists prescribe exercise programs. When deciding on the correct program to prescribe they consider a range of factors about the client’s condition, other unrelated conditions previous injuries, health problems and  the client’s previous exercise experience.

The most common types of problems that our exercise physiologists treat are;

  • Musculoskeletal Injuries, eg back and neck pain. Osteoarthritis, sports injuries, (sprains and strains). Post-operative recovery like ACL knee reconstruction, shoulder and knee problems.
  • Cardiovascular and metabolic problems, e.g. high blood pressure (hypertension), heart problems, to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL ) and increase good (HDL) cholesterol and diabetes management.
  • Mental health, eg depression and anxiety.

How An Exercise Physiologist Can Help

Walking and balance training

Aged Care strength and mobility

Disability performance enhancement

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Neuromuscular exercise therapy

Strength and conditioning for sport

Mobile Exercise Physiologist

We Come To You

We come to you, exercise in your own home or preferred environment. For those who are outside the travel zone or in regional area we also have online 1-on-1 Zoom sessions available.

No Equipment Needed

Your mobile exercise physiologist will bring any equipment that is needed for the session.

All Ages Welcome

We work with all ages, both kids, adults and older adults


Medicare rebates with GP referral, NDIS and health fund rebates.


Brisbane – Northside

Kerrie Hains

Kerrie has been working in the sports, health, fitness, and rehabilitation industry for over thirty years. She is an highly experienced Exercise Physiologist.

She has worked with the entire spectrum of the population from elite and professional athletes, to stroke patients and accident victims. Kerrie has lectured internationally to her industry peers on functional exercise for rehab, prehab, and strength gains.

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