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Get fit without leaving home!

It's so convenient and easy

Hire A Mobile Personal Trainer

It's Fitness At Your Doorstep!


What is Mobile Personal Training?

Train in your own home away from busy gyms!

We understand some people are uncomfortable training in front of an audience or prefer the convenience of training at home. So that’s why mobile training gives you the perfect opportunity to have a qualified personal trainer concentrate entirely on you and your goals in a space that is safe and comfortable for you.

From as little as $92 per week you could have your own personal trainer working with you guiding you on your fitness journey.

When You Hire A Mobile Trainer

 Private 1-on-1 or couples personal training 

 Customised workout 

 40 + 50 + 60+ year old's our specialty

 We come to you at home, outdoors or online

  We bring the gym to you

How To Get Started

Your next step is to book your FREE 15 min Discovery Call to discuss;

  1. What is motivating you to lose weight, get fitter and stronger
  2. What style of training is best for you
  3. How it works - At Home, Outdoors or Online
  4. Who are your local mobile personal trainers
  5. Next steps and get a quote

Next step book a call, NO hard sell, just a conversation to see if this is right for you and learn the next steps.


No sure yet? Here is what some of clients say



Matt worked out a program for me that took into consideration the fact that I had not participated in regular exercise for many years. I soon realised just how unfit I was. Now I feel I have much more energy, less self confident because I have lost weight, feel healthier (including BSL's being lower) but the overall benefit I feel is the improvement in my mental health and general well being

Bob Testimonial


"Knowing that if I joined a gym I am a person who would find excuses from time time not to go, I realized that if the service existed, I would be better off having someone train me in my home. A Google search led me to “ Fitness Inside Out “ for which I am very grateful."


"Veena taught me a lot about food, exercise and overall health and well-being over the course of 5 months. I have learnt a lot about different aspects of health thanks to Veena and have implemented her helpful and informative advice into my everyday life.



"Amanda was very supportive and our workouts were fun and achievable, after 3 month’s when my blood test was due I had lost 10kg* was now a size 14, my doctor was ecstatic with the reduction in my cholesterol*."



My personal trainer - Kyra - is a wonderful young lady. Pushes me where I need it. Listens to me - even when I’m whining - . Great idea that they can come to you as I have an elderly mum at home and it works well. Win-win.



I have been training with my trainer now for 3 months. First time I’ve ever worked with a PT, and was very unfit. Simon has been very patient with me and has been both encouraging and supportive, and knowing when to push me as well. I’ve dropped 12 Kgs and feel much fitter and stronger then I have for the 20 years. Highly recommend working with Simon.

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