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Amanda Chesterton

Central Coast Personal Trainer

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I became a trainer in 2009, 14 years ago! I was stuck in a corporate job and felt like I just wasn't making a difference. I also had put on weight and become very sedentary, due to a desk job and thinking that I could eat like I was still an active kid who loved to play sport and run around.

So I got a personal trainer. I experienced first hand what it was like to have someone in my corner who was there to help me become fit, strong and healthy. I knew what a difference it made to my life and I wanted to pass that on, so I became a trainer myself.

I love seeing people become empowered through training, gaining in confidence and self belief. To do things they never thought they could. I love providing space for people to feel seen and heard, to help them incorporate fitness into their life as a sustainable lifestyle, something that works for them. To see people improve their quality of life and live fuller lives excites me.

My Specialties Include;

  • Women's strength training
  • Learn to run
  • Boxing for fitness



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"Amanda was very supportive and our workouts were fun and achievable, after 3 month’s when my blood test was due I had lost 10kg* was now a size 14, my doctor was ecstatic with the reduction in my cholesterol*."
— Susan
Kincumber - NSW
Strength Training
Outdoor Specialist
Sport Specific

Ready to Book a Session?

Check my availabilities and book directly into my schedule!

My Locations

Kincumber, Empire Bay, Woy Woy, Umina Beach, Point Clare, Avoca Beach, Green Point, Saratoga, Davistown, Gosford

If you do not see your location above, please contact me to discuss.

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Favourite movie or TV series

Gosh, so many, I love watching TV and movies! I'm a big Star Wars fan, and also loved most of the Avengers movies (yes I'm a big kid at heart). One of my fave TV shows is Firefly. I also loved Big Bang Theory, Schitts Creek, Friends,

Favourite exercise 

Ooh tossup between running and deadlifts. Running because I love being outside and I love the camaraderie amongst runners. Deadlifts because they are an awesome strength exercise and work so many muscles, plus they make me feel like a badass!

Favourite piece of equipment

TRX because you can work so many muscles with it ... and a second favourite is the barbell, for lifting heavy things and putting them down again! 🙂

My number one health or fitness tip

Don't try to change everything at once ... small changes consistently over time adds up to BIG results!


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