Southern Suburbs Personal Trainers

Mobile Personal Trainers ready to come to you!

Your Fitness Inside Out Southern Suburbs Personal Trainer will come train you at home, office, apartment gym or in the great outdoors….  its fitness at your doorstep!

Sometimes it’s tough finding the time to get to the gym or get into a regular fitness routine, life just gets in the way. Why not take up personal training at home, workplace, or at your local park and enjoy the great outdoors. We provide personal training in the Camden, Liverpool, Canterbury Bankstown area, St George and Sutherland Shire.


Ph:  1300 735 790

St George – Hurstville Area

Tony Katsikas

My road to becoming a PT is not the road most travelled!

As I approached a major milestone birthday (it wasn’t 20 or 30) I had my “dear Lord” moment.

Yagona, Bankstown, Canterbury

Bruce Herat

There are also collateral benefits of loosing weight and just feeling great by being the best version of yourself through my training platform. I look forward to working with you as an Fitness Inside Out mobile fitness professional.