In June I had a blood test which indicated I had very high cholesterol and I weighed 92kg and was a size 18. The doctor gave me 3 month’s to make life style changes to reduce my cholesterol and have another blood test.
I started training with Amanda who spoke to my physiotherapist to confirm what exercises I was currently doing for my knee and hip issues.  Amanda trained with me to help me achieve my 3 month goal whilst working with my knee and hip issues.
Amanda was very supportive and our workouts were fun and achievable, after 3 month’s when my blood test was due I had lost 10kg* was now a size 14, my doctor was ecstatic with the reduction in my cholesterol*.
I went to my friends wedding in a new size 14 dress feeling so healthy and confident and was told I looked amazing.
I continued training with Amanda and my fitness and health continued to improve.
A huge thank you Amanda
Susan – Kincumber
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