Pre and Post Natal Personal Training

For Mums to Be

Regular exercise pre and during your pregnancy offers a range of physical and mental benefits for both Mums to be and your baby. By following the safe guidelines you can exercise with confidence during pregnancy.

Doctors Clearance

Before you start you must get a Doctors clearance to ensure it is safe for you. If you have already been exercising and your pregnancy is progressing normally generally you will get the go ahead from your doctor.

Moderate Intensity Training

Your sessions will either be 45 min to 60 min sessions, conducting gentle to moderate exercises. The goal is not weight loss in your prenatal sessions but rather strengthening your body and importantly your pelvic core muscles.

6 to 12 Week Programs

Your personal trainer will design a specific program for you and your stages of pregnancy.

Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Get Fit For You and Your Baby

Learn how to exercise safely during and post pregnancy.


Post Natal Exercise

Regular exercise after childbirth offers a range of health benefits, for example helps you to return to your pre-pregnancy shape and gives you increased energy to cope with the demands of motherhood.

Doctors Clearance

Generally after 6-8 weeks you can begin exercising if everything has healed and you are feeling well. Check with your Doctor first as you will need to get a Doctors certificate first.

Tailored Programs

Transition into motherhood holds unique challenges when it comes to fitness. Your personal trainer will design a tailored program for you.

At Home Training

Train in the comfort of your own home and your baby or child are welcome to be there too!


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