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Kerrie Hains

Online Exercise Physiologist


Kerrie Hains is a Online Exercise Physiologist with Fitness Inside Out.

Kerrie has been working in the sports, health, fitness, and rehabilitation industry for over thirty years. She has worked with the entire spectrum of the population from elite and professional athletes, to stroke patients and accident victims. Kerrie has lectured internationally to her industry peers on functional exercise for rehab, prehab, and strength gains.

Kerrie loves training people specifically for their individual needs and wants. All her clients feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction at the end of each session; knowing they have worked hard and have taken a step closer to achieving their individual goals. She is renowned for correct, functional exercise, to reduce the risk of injury and maximize performance and function.

Kerrie has written four self-help health and fitness books which are proving to be extremely popular.

  • BA Human Movement Studies - Australian Catholic University
  • Associate Diploma in Applied Science - Sport & Exercise
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Member ESSA Exercise Physiology & Exercise Science
  • Medicare Rebates
  • Health Fund Rebates
All Ages Welcome
Rehab Specialist
Sport Specific


Being an older women in my early sixties, I was hoping to regain my strength, fitness and self confidence after a period of inactivity. Kerrie was positive, attentive, and extremely capable, ensuring that I could exercise and achieve my goals without the risk of injuring myself.

I was so incredibly glad I did this for my health, because it can be very difficult to lift yourself out of an exercise slump, but when somebody accompanies you, challenges you, believes in you, and treats you with patience, kindness and respect, then it is possible to turn your life and health around and live a better life and this is what Kerrie has done for me. Thank you Kerrie.

— Barbara F
Brisbane QLD

I started training with Kerrie in October 2019.

She is a very nice lady and I have a lot of fun training with her . She works me hard but it is totally worth it. I have lost some weight and have noticed my body is more toned.

I had a broken ankle before meeting Kerrie. She massages it, which has freed it up a lot and has helped me more than the physio I used to go to.

— Sophie W 
Brisbane QLD

I started to see Kerrie because I wanted to add regular fitness sessions to my workout schedule without joining a gym. I do outdoor sessions with Kerrie and she plans the workouts and brings different equipment each time.

I asked for my PT sessions to have a mixture of strength and balance based exercises, which Kerrie has done over the last year that I have been seeing her. I have noticed a measured improvement in my workout benchmarks, Kerrie gets results with positive reinforcement.

The best part about Kerrie, is that she is naturally interested in her clients, and she always checks in on what’s happening in your life. While I workout we also use that time to talk about the ups and the downs of the past few days.

I look forward to my sessions with Kerrie and I would continue happily as a client long term, however I am pregnant and my specialist recommended I don’t continue working out. However I can highly recommend Kerrie as a trainer.

— Felicity 
Brisbane QLD

Favourite movie or TV series

Oceans 11, 12, 13 & 8 - the action, the thought process and some of the cast are pretty easy on the eye.

Favourite piece of equipment

Swiss Ball. It is so versatile. It allows all levels of abilities to challenge themselves with each exercise.

Favourite exercise 

There are so many "faves" for different reasons, but if I had to choose one, it would be the Cobra. This is great for everyone; improves, posture, strength, shoulder position, can be progressed or regressed to integrate other movements.

My number one health or fitness tip

Learn how to turn your core on correctly.

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