April 2019 - Fitness Inside Out


29 April 20190

When should I eat pre or post workout is a great question.

It really gets down to what your goals are. If you have a intense workout planned or a session with your personal trainer, you’ ll want to fuel your body for the session either 3 to 4 hours before exercise. If your goal is weight loss you will want to eat a meal after the session as you will tap into your fat stores faster on a empty stomach. However you still will need to eat something light, like a banana or a Protein shake otherwise you could get lightheaded or nauseous.

If you exercise early in the morning make sure you drink at least 2 glasses of water before to hydrate your body after a nights sleep.



26 April 20190

With Mothers Day just around the corner we thought we would bring you a workout just for Mum.

Keeping with our theme of 10 Minute Work Outs at home this month here is a all over bodywork out that you can do in just 10 min. This is a great toning program using 1 piece of equipment a barbell. If you do not have a barbell, grab a broomstick as a substitute.



26 April 20190

Why a 10 Minute upper body workout at home can keep you motivated and on track.

Keeping our clients motivated and active throughout the week can be challenging. Clients are motivated and enthusiastic when they are at their session with their personal trainer, but keeping the motivation and enthusiasm can be challenging on non trainer days.

When setting goals for clients we recommend incremental steps, I know this may sound strange but keeping the bar low initially will help to maintain motivation. If you plan to do your workout routine for 5 days of the week and you only achieve it once or twice you can feel discouraged. However if your goal was to to do it twice a week and you achieved it you will feel satisfied and more likely to keep it going.

Having a 10 Minute upper body workout at home to do on non trainer days is also key to reaching your regular training goals. Most clients can find 10 mins a day to do something and this upper body workout can be done at home in the lounge room with simple dumbbells.


Source: Fitness Blender.


5 April 20190

Jasmine Waheed

Photo by Jasmine Waheed on Unsplash


Easter celebration food like many other occasions throughout the year food plays a major part in the event. Traditionally Easter Sunday marks the end of lent, a period of traditionally 40 days of fasting. In these modern times people choose to give up a favourite food instead. My thoughts would be why not consider giving up alcohol, sugar or smoking for 40 days, these being the biggest contributors to new lifestyle diseases.

But I digress, this article is about Easter Celebration Food. Eggs symbolise rebirth and new life at Easter. Chocolate now is commonly associated with Easter with the first chocolate egg dating back to the early 1800s. When choosing your Easter Eggs this year, go for the highest quality and dark chocolate if available. You will find they are lower in fat than the compound chocolate eggs.

Hot Cross Buns are small spiced buns made with currants or raisins and other dried fruits, marked with a cross on top. These are traditionally eaten on Good Friday. This Easter why not have go in making your own hot cross buns. Try using wholemeal flour as a healthy alternative or limit to just one of these tasty treats.

Try this recipe from  www.recipetineats.com


Roast Lamb is a popular choice for many people especially the Greeks on Easter Sunday.  The tradition of eating roast lamb at Easter comes from the Jewish celebration of Passover, which comes around the same time. Lamb is a great source of protein but can be high in fat so when choosing your lamb consider lamb back strap as it has little or no fat. But if you need to serve a large family the leg of lamb may be the better option. When cooking your leg cook the lamb on a wire rack this will help the fat run off.

Try this Greek Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb from www.recipetineats.com

Have a Happy Easter!